Check out the latest images from Open House Families, London’s Free Architecture Festival for children.

Playground of Making. Collaboratively create and adapt your very own play space with Here East architects, Hawkins Brown. Enjoy weaving, climbing and crawling through and over structures, mazes and props. Suitable for ages 5+.

Straw, Sticks or Bricks? Families can explore the story of the three little pigs and build their own houses to see if they can huff and puff and blow them down! Suitable for ages 0-5.

Structural Cities. Test the power of pencil and paper to design, engineer and construct houses, schools, hospitals, bridges, roads and rail to make the strongest, sturdiest and best city ever!

Flat-Pack Pavilions. Join structural engineers from Elliot Wood Partnership to explore digital fabrication innovation and parametric design to build your very own flat-pack pavilion. Suitable for ages 5+.

Straw Towers. Build the tallest straw tower you can and see if it can pass the marble challenge set by structural engineers from Elliot Wood Partnership. Suitable for ages 5+.